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Digital Twin for Intelligent Monitoring

What is WeStatiX SHM?


WeStatiX SHM (Structural Health Monitoring) is a novel solution that enables the virtual 3D inspection of existing structures through the web browser, automatic FE simulation, and predictive analysis of the future behaviour of the monitored structure.
Our digital twins perform the continuous evaluation of the structural health on the basis of IoT sensors data, numerical simulation, and artificial intelligence. The digital twin model is not only a 3D model, but is the continuously updated counterpart of the physical structure.

Real Structure

Bridge, tunnel, building, dam, slope, any structure can be monitored in real time thanks to WeStatiX software.

Digital Twin

With WeStatiX custom structural digital twins can be created for real time monitoring of existing structures in the cloud.

The system is based on the combination of several innovative digital technologies

  • Development of a reliable 3D digital twin of the object
  • Cloud-based visualization that enables virtual inspections
  • Automatic execution of numerical FE simulations
  • Continuous model calibration using inverse analysis
  • Predictive analysis through Artificial Intelligence
  • BIM (Building information Modelling)

Targets and advantages of the system

  • Digitalization of information: Creation of a web platform on which the responsible persons can access the digital twin and gain information about the current status in real time – the focus is on a simple, clearly understandable visualization of relevant information.
  • Aggregation of data: The data aggregation of individual monitoring systems into a global self-learning system
  • Real-time adaptation: The creation and continuous calibration of a numerical model (digital twin) based on the measurement data, which adapts to changes in real time
  • Prediction, not reaction: Use of artificial intelligence algorithms, which enable predictive analysis to provide information in advance about the expected behavior of the object, to analyze possible risks and thus to optimize safety measures
  • Objective evaluation: Develop a reliable and objective method that maximizes the level of knowledge of the object, and that does not rely on the evaluation of single individuals

Digital twin for bridge monitoring

WeStatiX SHM is applied to the continous monitoring of highway and railway bridges with great success.

Digital twin for tunnel monitoring

Reliable tunnel digital twins can be built and synchronized with measurement data during and after the construction.

Digital twin for monitoring of slope stability

Our system for inverse analysis calibration finds great application in geotechnics, especially for the monitoring of slope stability.

Why it works

Look at the meaning of data

The simulations on the digital twin are able to evaluate globally the state and the risk of the structure, based on local measurement of the installed sensors

Measurement-based simulations

The FE-simulations are continuosly performed on the basis of measured or identified actions, such as loads, aging, temperature, and more, allowing for a much higher level of fidelity compared to the assumptions made during design.

Look into the structure

The visual observation (even if automatic) is only able to evaluate damage that already took place. The structural collapse can very often only be predicted by evaluating the stress state of the structure through numerical simulation.

Look into the future

By using artificial intelligence the historic data about the monitored structures are used to build an extensible self-learning system, that becomes better over time.

A New World

for Structural


WeStatiX SHM targets the clear and reliable assessment of the state of the monitored objects and the facilitation of decision-making processes related to inspection and maintenance, as well as the minimization of the risk of structural damage or collapse.

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